Saturday, March 18, 2006


So much of my life is spent waiting. I wait for the monkey to get up in the morning. I wait for Marc to get home from school. I wait for the monkey to go back to bed. We are waiting for graduation. We are waiting for the background check so Marc can apply for the bar. All week I wait for the weekend, then I wait for Monday and it's return to our regular schedual. I'm waiting to hear back from a swap pal to find out if she's ok with wool, so I can finish an elaborate project. I wait to sell something from my etsy store. I wait for the bread to rise. I wait for a time when we're not broke.
I don't do anything, I just wait.

I am so sick of waiting.

Fuck this, SOMETHING needs to be done. I'll be filling out job applications, if anyone needs me.

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bonnie said...

i can soooo relate to always waiting, waiting, waiting. it's enough to drive you crazy some days...