Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hurray! Today it rained off and on, cleaning my car and otherwise making me happy. I really wish I could hear it, but apartments are not really conducive to hearing the rain beating on your roof. Sometimes when the wind works with me I can hear the rain against my window, but most of the time I have to be content with watching it fall. The air is all clear and bright, so the quality of light around 6pm was just perfect. To top things off there was patchy rain and clear skies around sunset, giving us an unbelievable double rainbow. So pretty.
Tonight the monkey and I went for an hour of stitching and bitching. I decided to mix it up by bringing tatting this week, instead of the usual knitting since I still don't have a project in the works. What I need is a huge cone of (free) laceweight wool, because there are a number of amazing lace projects I would like to do. The Sampler Stole or Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace, for example. What amazing design.Projects that really should be undertaken with a quality yarn. The tatting is going well though, and delightfully is acomplished with a two dollar spool of cotton that should last roughly for forever. Finshed my second little snowflake, a two-thread design instead of a one-thread. It makes a lot of sense now and is easier than I thought, any more complicated pattern than this is just more counting.

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margene said...

Your tatting is looking great!