Monday, March 20, 2006


Finally I have picked a new project. I'm working on a big piece of lace from from Yarnover. There are a lot of really beautiful patterns posted there, with eye candy photographs of the things she does. I've finished three smaller doilies in the couple months making sure I could do this, and I really feel ready for something big. This should keep me busy for a while and for almost nothing, the ball of size 20 cotton cost about $2. I'm still looking for a good sweater pattern too, something fairly plain that buttons up the front and is fairly indestructable. Probably needs a hood too. This is a cute pattern minus the horizontal stripes, a good no-brainer for in the car or at the Stitch and Bitch.
As for being jobless I did re-work my resume and put together a darn good cover letter if I do say so myself. I hope I was able to gracefully put across my sense of desperation. Sent it off last night, now I just sit back and pray.

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