Friday, March 17, 2006

Regarding stashes...

I know that many knitters enjoy amassing large yarn stashes, made very apparent by the number of participants in the Stashalong. This has astounded and confused me for a long time though; the only yarn I have on hand is the yarn for a project on my needles, and leftover yarn from finished projects. Literally the only yarn I have with no project in mind is two skeins of the most hideous sparkly super-long eyelash yarn ever, acquired for free from some website. It sits in a drawer, waiting for me to have a stroke and decide I like it for something. Perhaps a shaggy teddy bear ready for hitting the clubs for a night of dancing. Maybe a faux fox, complete with head and feet. Actually the faux fox idea isn't bad, but I probably would never wear it due to the iridescent sparkles generously spun in. Anyway, back to stashes: I thought I didn't get it, until Marc made mention of my fabric stash. Now I understand. I have bought plenty of fabric with no intended purpose other than wanting to own something that beautiful. Sadly, I haven't added to it in quite a while, as I have been grounded from buying fabric for over a year now. So I want you all to know that I understand, and I feel your pain.

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