Tuesday, March 14, 2006


This entry is photo-free, because i'm just too damn tired to drag out the camera. Nothing to see anyway; everything right now is in progress. I'm just about finished with Marc's hat though, I've knit 7 inches of stretchy blue tube and it is time to close it up and end already. Actually, it is a little past that, I'll probably frog it back a few rows so it fits better. He'll be happier if it doesn't cover his eyes, and I dislike the weird effect of not pulling a stretchy hat all the way on (it reminds me disturbingly of the "resevoir tip" in a condom; an image you will never be able to get out of your head now.)
I took the monkey with me to the stitch and bitch tonight. It wasn't bad and would have been much better had I not been so stupid and left his little dvd player at home. I'm not sure how it didn't get into the bag; it was in my hand when I was loading up the backpack. I may have missed the opening and dropped it on my desk, because it was waiting here for me when I got home. We only stayed about 45 minutes, not bad considering. About as long as I could have stayed anyway. I'm having some major social anxiety issues today anyway; it was easier for me to be there with him than without him.


margene said...

I had to read all the entries to find out who you were! Welcome to blogland;-)

bonnie said...

now i know who you are! welcome to the land of social anxiety. i'm with you on that one. i'll be adding you to the ring asap.