Sunday, September 23, 2007


Pictures of my finished Stag bag up as soon as it is...well, finished. I can't really call it done while dripping water at the rate it currently is. With the generally high humidity here added to the tropical depression that dumped on us all week I'm all but wearing a snorkel.snappy Amy Butler paper!
Instead I will amuse you with craft done this weekend, making lemonade out of lemons. Monkey's brain keeps misbehaving so while he slept on my dark couch all postictal, I finally took a really precise profile photo of him. I tinkered a little in photoshop, resizing and increasing lightness and contrast in order to give the most distinct edge I could get. I printed the picture and went over my edge with a fine black pen, adding in things like his collar, shoulder curve and bottom line.
I used drafting tape to very carefully stick the print onto the brown paper and started cutting using my tiny virtually unused embroidery scissors. Piece of cake. I even used supplies from my stash (for someone who does not "scrapbook" I sure have a lot of paper here).

Monday, September 17, 2007


Finished the body of the Stagbag yesterday, then seamed it up during "Dial M for Murder". Fifty million inches of i-chord or something to go and I can run it through the wash.
Monkey and I received a hugely important phone call today. The director of the special needs program in our school district called; Monkey has been approved for the program and registers next week! I'm mildly freaking out, he's to young to start school! I thought I was going to have another two years to prepare myself for kindergarten. Good grief, what will I do with my time?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Book club

I'm being punished for my sins of last night. Our regular flavored household madness has been joined by the 1 and 2 year old kids of a friend who called me, desperate and on her way to the ER, after throwing out her back. The kids are quite well behaved though; my bitching is purely superficial. I'm always shocked to see how very easy other children are. More disturbing than anything really, is seeing how normal children behave in such an intimate setting as compared to my little Monkey. He is doing really well, but it is...just not your average kid. But who wants average anyway.
Back to the sins anyway, they were worth it. Pretty mild as sins go. Last night a friend invited me to a book club-The Count of Monte Cristo. Hadn't read it, but still wanted to hang out so I crashed the party. I told Lawyerboy I'd be there an hour, hour and a half tops. Hahahahahahahahahah.
The hostess M., S. and I ended up sitting on the front porch until 1:30 laughing madly. Superbly fun time. It was so much fun my cheeks absolutely ached when I finally left.
Still knitting away on the Stagbag, endless rows of stockinette stitch stripes. I just barely moved on to ball #2 on both colors, so I should have plenty left over for a hat or something so I'll be all matcherific. Hopefully tonight will be a nice quiet night of video games and yarn, and I can finish up the body. Then about a zillion inches of I-cord and I can finally felt it, hurray! It should dry out by March.