Thursday, July 19, 2007


Just checked, and I am #10407, which is a mere 4249 from the top of the list on Ravelry. By the time I get in, everyone will have knitting robots that use fantastic space-age polomers that breathe or insulate perfectly and self-adjust to best match the color of your eyes.

Monday, July 16, 2007

EEGs and CATs

Photo stolen from the lovely and talented Calico Cat, because my camera no longer focuses. Finally, Monkey is back at home from more than a week of back and forth hospital trips. More stuff has been glued to his little head than he deserves (did you know when they are measuring your head for an EEG they use medical grade LIPSTICK!?! Bright red, no lies). But he is finally at the point where his EEGs look more like brain waves and less like tsunamis, hurray! But I feel so emotionally burned out that I can barely function. Luckily I have my fabulous doll quilt from Calico Cat hanging by my desk to cheer me up! It arrived...I'm not sure when. Some time while Monkey was in-patient again, and Lawyerboy brought it up to the hospital and it was the most cheerful bright thing in the entire beige hospital. Amy, I am so impressed by your hand quilting skills! Kitty cats in bright colors! I couldn't hope for anything more perfect. Plus, Amy admitted to me that she has in excess of 900 different cat prints which is possibly the greatest stash-related confession I have ever heard. Thank you Amy! I adore this quilt!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

Happy Birthday America!
Since we saw fireworks at our home on Friday we didn't torture the monkey by making him stay up late to see more on the 4th. But interestingly, as firework time time began and we could hear distant explosions, I had to listen really carefully to tell if they were fireworks or actual C-130s blowing stuff up on the range. Rockets red glare, indeed.