Friday, November 20, 2009

Star Crossed

While the summer here has been just too blasted hot to knit more than dozens of cotton washcloths, the fall has become rather chilly. I suspect the humidity, which still resides firmly between 80 and 100% regardless of temperature.

On my way home from Utah I started the Star Crossed Slouch, with the ever-lovable and available Paton's Classic Wool in Moss Heather. Monkey was kind enough to let me work on by sleeping through much of the flight (hurray for the weighted blanket!)

I finished it just a few days later and despite Lawyerguy's comments re: patchouli, I think it is great. More French, or Beatnik, than Hippy. Monkey just thinks it looks smashing on him, and I can't disagree. Do boys wear slouchy hats?

Monday, November 09, 2009


Two tiny pairs of socks, each barely the length of my thumb. Knit on a heartbreaking emergency trip back to Utah. How can such a tiny loss hurt so much? I'll see you in the next life little guy; for now all my prayers are for your momma and daddy.