Sunday, March 26, 2006


About time I get back here. Things have been crazy busy for me, cumulating last night when my band played at Mo's. We played well, but it seems like everyone there was in a terrible mood. It probably started with the 8:00 act not even showing up. Yeah that sucks, but we were there, on time and pleasant, so there is no need to be pissy to us. The manager really defensively announces to us that we are not getting paid because there is no door charge as soon as we walk in, which we are fine with. We were asked if we wanted to charge a cover and said no (what, I want to charge my friends to come see me play?) This is also the third time we've played there and have never charged before; we seem to be ok with that. The booking person/waiter we deal with was in a terrible mood too, snippy and actually asked us to wrap it up early. She didn't book us for another show last night either, which is troublesome. Did they decide they didn't like us? Was she just in too much of a snit to talk? I'd like to tell them to find another band but we are hardly a big highly sought-after band, we've got to kiss ass just so we can play for free. Meh. If we can get Sean #1 a bar permit then we can play at bars, where we could conceivably make some money.

I did get to see my little sister yesterday though, very fun. She and a couple of friends came up from that school in Happy Valley to hear us play. They arrived early to play with the monkey and make duct-tape dress forms. Once you have your technique down, you can do one in about an hour. We finished two and are going to do mine next weekend. Here they are, looking like superheros.

I also did more tatting, a tiny little snowflake. Tried to do something larger that completely didn't work out. Upon further review of the book I realized that I was attempting to do it with one thread instead of two separate threads. Ahhh, it makes so much more sense now.

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Janey said...

Your snowflake is SOOO beautiful!
A relative/friend of my uncle's family taught me how to tat nearly 40 years ago.
I "played at it" for a while but stopped when I discovered all the patterns I really, really liked used two threads. (She didn't know how to do it with two threads and I couldn't figure it out from a book.) Neither did it help that tatting is so unforgiving when it comes to mistakes - unlike knitting.

Wonder if I could learn to tat with two threads via the Internet? (Now that I hopefully have a bit more patience.)

Your snowflake may have started something.