Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So I have a serious question for all you knitters out there:
Monkey and I are getting ready to go to an Air Force playgroup for the first time. Do I bring knitting, which has the potential of helping me meet other knitters or possibly start up a conversation with someone who wants to learn, or do I go knit-free, because I really really really need to make some friends and my social anxiety disorder may just cause me to bury my nose in the yarn and never make a peep?

Monday, January 29, 2007


Today this bad ass grrl bundled up, snuggled the monkey cozily into the bike trailer, rode to the auto parts store on base, picked up a new battery for the car, took it home and installed it.
The car again lives.
I feel so awesome.

Stupid car

I was totally going to get a spinning wheel for Valentines day, but the car won't start this morning. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. The problem better be something inexpensive. It is freakishly cold too, like 31 degrees. Making the bike and trailer less than delightful, but still necessary because we are out of diapers. Perhaps there has never been a better time to potty train the monkey, a task that has only been neglected because he can't get his pants on by himself yet.
At least things went well at the dentists. I was embarrassed but they were very kind. Stuff is getting fixed. And my teeth do feel remarkably clean.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What can I wear that makes me look not nervous...

Being newly covered by actual dental insurance, in a few hours Monkey will find himself at a babysitters for the first time ever and I won't even get to enjoy my time alone. This has created more than a small amount of anxiety (though whether it is more about the teeth or the babysitter is unclear) and I just keep sitting here thinking I'd rather be going to see the gyno.

Believe me, simply brushing your teeth 3 or 4 times a day does not prevent cavities. This is remarkably unfair.

I wonder if I can lay in the chair and work on my current sock?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Florida, some more

So I am finally settled in my lovely new home, at least as much as anyone can be settled when all your bookcases arrived sans shelves. No place to rest books, just tall, empty boxes. It is quite lovely here, mere minutes walking with the Monkey's reluctant steps to the beach. It is not that he doesn't love the beach, but he is at that 40 lb. stage where he prefers to be carried CONSTANTLY. Excepting just that, a lot of behavioral issues have extinguished themselves now that he and I are not couch surfing but have planted ourselves firmly here with Marc. Our new home is beautiful with tall ceilings and an actual back yard. I cried when we finally got our keys, I haven't had a back yard since I was a kid and the Monkey never has. The yard needs some work, as previous occupants had a dog much like this one, but the Air Force has given me all supplies I need. Seriously. Dirt, seeds, plants in the spring. Amazing! Living on base rocks! And I love the work, especially with Monkey helping with his tiny garden tools. Not much planting quite yet (it has been recommended I wait until February when the temperature doesn't have the occasional freak trips into the 30s,) but lots and lots of pruning trees that need the love and removing expired or just plain hideous bushes. Quite therapeutic. Not a lot of knitting going on, we have been rather busy and I seem to have misplaced my Adamas shawl (!) but I've been reading EZ and I am INSPIRED. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and emails. Now that our house is finally online updates should begin again. Now where did that lace go anyway...