Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Today I found myself in the neighborhood of Three Wishes Fiber Arts and decided to give it a shot despite having my monkey in tow. Hurray! Found exactly the yarn I was pining for yesterday: 1750 yards of laceweight Gems Pearl Merino. Not free, but not bad ($25). The most this ghetto knitter has ever spent on yarn, but it should take me forever to knit it up. I think I'm going to start on the Shetland Tea Shawl. Has anyone ever dyed wool with tea? I've "aged" paper and cotton fabric with tea before but have yet to try wool. May be my experiment tomorrow.
Three Wishes' owner, Kristine Bullock, was also so nice and helpful. She even gave the monkey a little treat despite his insistence on spinning every single spinning wheel. I can't imagine a more boring place to be for a 2 year old boy than a yarn store but between the candy, the dog and the Easter baskets he was as good as I could possibly expect.
And here is the part where I post the most boring picture ever to be blogged:
Oh yeah. Giant skein of white yarn. Knitters everywhere are rolling their eyes. Non-knitters are lapsing into comas. To make up for this I'm going to have to post pictures of hot firefighters holding puppies or something tomorrow.

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margene said...

Tea is acidic and not recommended but coffee maybe just the thing. Brew it and let it sit a bit then try a small piece to see if you like the color. Different coffee's make different colors. Good luck!