Friday, March 10, 2006

Spiral throw

So here I am, joining the legions of people already blogging away. I'm probably the last person to start, which is a trend for me. At Christmas my family declared that I was the only person in the US to not own a cell phone and presented me with one. With starting this I hope to prompt myself to finish more projects, art craft and otherwise, and document what I do for, oh, myself, since I can't even picture anyone else reading this.
To start this off, last night at my local Stitch and Bitch I finished a spiral throw for my couch. Still needs blocking, but I love it! Fantastic cream, brown, blue and green, brought to you with love from Red Heart yarn. Yes I know, you all hate acrylic but I am unemployed. No fancy yarns for me, we are barely feeding ourselves. Besides, I have a toddler-I need sturdy.

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