Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life has been rather worrisome lately. We are waiting for a number of things that are out of our hands but still affect us profoundly, and that causes not a small amount of stress. Thankfully, there have still been wonderful little things happening to make me smile.
* Last night I took the monkey to the Stitch and Bitch and he was so good. He quietly snuggled and watched Nemo, and said/signed please and thank you to Margene.
* The monkey and I went to his toddler art class at the library and he has absolutely blossomed in there. He jumps right in with the crayons and pens, and is so joyful and creative with the paints. He really looks happy, my sweet little artbaby.
* After class he played with the big beads on twisty wires toy for half an hour, during which I sat on a miniature couch and figured out tatting. This is something I've wanted to try for years but have never found anyone who could teach me. But I found a basic book at the library and found a tatting shuttle cheap with my handy JoAnne's coupon, and figured out the basic stitch this morning. Yipee! I know my g.grandmother did this, and it makes me happy to try it.


margene said...

The tatting looks good. Your monkey is a doll. He was so quiet at SnB. Hope things get better for you soon.

artmomma said...

Thanks Margene, It was really cool that he talked to you because he hardly talks at all, and never to strangers. You must look kind and trustworthy to him :)