Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Christmas 2003.  Notice the Harry Potter hat tucked into the corner :)
B is for blankie, so comfy and blue. Made for my little monkey while eagerly awaiting his arrival. He adores this blanket. Without a doubt, this is the most wonderful, soothing, important thing I have ever created with string.
January 2006. Catcat is up by his head.
The dirty little secret is that it is crocheted. Not knit.

Not that I have anything against crochet. I just don't really know how to do it, so it seems funny to me that such an important thing I've made would be crochet. My sister learned from a friend to do a double crochet stitch, and showed it to me. I'm pretty sure i did it incorrectly, but it worked out fine so I guess correct is subjective. December 2007

Monkey loves this blanket above all else. Except maybe his Catcat, or Buzz lightyear. They are pretty much tied for first.
January 2008
It is made of Cotton Ease in Popsical and Blueberry. Soft and durable.
His preferred method of enjoyment is having the blankie up against his neck and cheeks. This frequently means wrapping it around his neck like a scarf, or shawl. I find this especially adorable.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All that stuff I finished in December

Voila, a picture heavy post laying out all that stuff I finished during my Christmas induced radio silence. (Let it be noted that none of this was Christmas stuff for anyone. This past Christmas I made a goal of not crafting ANYTHING for people for the holidays. I did quite well.)
Friendship quilt. Myself and nine other friends each exchanged squares of Christmas fabric, then made a stack and whack quilt. I threw in a couple more squares out of my stash to make an even twelve. It is easy to pick out my fabrics up close, as they are the funky ones.

Cute jammies for the Monkey. Sewing for him doesn't count as gifts; I love to make as many of his clothes as possible. Also, it was a chance for me to play with my serger.

Special commission of huge goose egg pysanky. The turned out wonderful, and will pay for a lot of yarn. Maybe even a wheel.

Baby hat and fleecy pants. They were such a hit with my bro's kid I made a pair for a friend.

Table runner, to tie together our dinning area with the living room. I have one wall in my living room painted that exact turquoise color.

Another hat I designed for a friend's upcoming baby. Matching bib photographed in the car, because I bought the button on the way to her shower and sewed it on in the driveway. Yup, that is how much raspberry colored Sugar and Creme I had left over.

The hat, which I have named "Raspberry Beret" does things to me. Hormonal things. Baby lust things. Thank goodness it is out of the house.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The A says Aaaaaaaa

Like everyone else, I have joined the ABC Along this year. Hopefully this will give me a good prompt and a deadline, which always helps me get things done. My A is a little different than most peoples. In our little family, A definitely stands for

Air Force
MC130I recognize that the military way of life is not for everyone. But for us, at this point in our lives, it is perfect. Lawyerboy finds Military Justice a very rewarding field. I love living on base-our neighborhood is wonderful. I know all my neighbors, which is amazing because in my Salt Lake apartment where I lived for 7 years I didn't know a single person on my floor beyond vague recognition in the elevator. We actually have neighborhood barbecues here. I have health care for the first time in years, and every time I pay the modest copay for Monkey's $200 bottle of meds I want to salute the flag. There are book clubs, play groups and craft classes available to us. When you enlist they say you are joining the Air Force Family, and they are right.

I also love some of the funny, military only signs we see here. We are not actually dodging bullets all day, but on the edge of the route we jog they are serious about going no further.I job right by this sign 4 times a week. Not past it though.

I am presented a lot of unique opportunities living here. AT4 Rocket Launcher

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Still breathing

I'm still around, but won't be getting to a real post until I've caught up with myself. Visitors have gone home, and while it was lovely to have everyone around, I feel kind of shell shocked by the whole thing. Also, I have started 3 posts that were never finished in the intervening time. Maybe I'll finish those up after all my laundry.
I am getting closer on my Knit a Sweater in November Nocember Nocemuary Twist.
Goofy picture taken by Lovely Little Sister, who still hasn't sent me a picture of her in her stinking wedding veil so I haven't been able to show off my awesome wedding skillz yet. The weird bump is not a mutant third boob but the skein of yarn tucked under my left arm. Sorry, internet searchers of strange porn.