Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We had a mostly good time at Antelope Island on Monday. Much to my absolute shock they do have antelope there, but I am not completely crazy with my antelope doubts. Apparently they did all die out years ago, but were re-introduced in the 90s. We did see a dozen or so of the alleged antelope, as well as a bunch of buffalo. Monkey was only really impressed by a huge buffalo, standing alone in the middle of the road. We hiked around, had a picnic lunch and checked out the ranch house. Monkey enjoyed himself the most at the ranch house, where he sat in a tree 7 feet up and played with bark and leaves for half an hour. I enjoyed myself the most talking to the two women spinning there. I need a wheel; this drop-spindle business is for the birds. Even did some knitting in public while speaking with them and was asked questions by the curious (who probably wondered why I was dressed so not-historically with the blue hair.)


stitchnsnitch said...

I am in agreement--spindle spinning is for the birds. I can't get beyond the "pre-draft and park and draft stage," and I'm definitely not in the position to get a wheel right now. What? Blue hair isn't historical?? ;)

margene said...

You taught people a thing or two about knitters. We are of all sizes, shapes, colors, creeds....sounds like you had fun!