Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Great big hugs and a happy Mother's day to all Mommas, Mammas, Moms, Mothers, Mommys, anyone who has a mother, anyone who has thought about becoming a mother, lives with a mother, works with a mother, has seen a mother on TV, or has ever been called One Hot Momma.

I have had a wonderful day so far with my two boys. We went to the park outside the library and played in the fountain. I got to soak my feet and knit while the boys splashed. I don't know if I am eligible for the Amazing Lace as I have already started my Shetland Tea Shawl, but I find the idea quite inspiring. I also read a really great entry by Yarn Harlot where she wrote about slowly knitting a pair of socks while she tours with her book and taking pictures along the way, creating socks with so many memories incorporated along with every stitch. "A pair of socks so chock full of memories that you could scarcely wear them." I think back at the times I have pulled out this piece of lace and already it is pretty heavy with memories and emotions. I dyed the wool at home and hung it from the chandelier light in my living room, right over my computer. My monkey pulled out the needles when I foolishly left it where it could be reached. I ripped back to my lifeline and put it back on my needles while in the emergency room with my son, resting my head against his little sedated arm and feeling more scared then I've ever been. I've knit in three different parks here while watching him play with his daddy. This summer I'll take it into the mountains as we rock climb, and backpack into places so devoid of other people the silence is tangible. I hope to have the chance to fly back to Japan, and knit my way across the Pacific Ocean. Actually finishing and wearing the shawl is already secondary to what I am putting in to it.

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Katherine Of It All said...

This sounds cheesy, but your entry touched me. Sorry about the cliche, but I was moved.