Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finished socks!

I just finished the Momsocks, only one week late. I am amazed at how remarkably identical they are; aparently the Knitpicks Simple Stripes yarn is dyed in a manner that is downright mathmatical. Tonight they will get blocked and tomorrow they will be in the mail, on their way to California to arrive hopefully while they are having some unusual cold weather. I probably should have planned the socks for her birthday (November) and come up with some other clever Mother's day idea, but sometimes you just have to hop on your bad idea and ride it.
After grafting closed the toe tonight I was considering what an elegant solution the kitchner stitch really is. You k p p k a few times across the toe and TADA! No evidence that you were even there. I'd write a song about it but A) I am not much of a songwriter, just rhythm guitar, and B) I probably couldn't get the guys to perform it. "Thank you! This next song was written by erin. It's about coughknittingcough..." Not exactly the image we're going for.
Coming up tomorrow when I hopefully have more time, pics of my violet hair! I don't have any yarn to dye like everyone is doing, but the protein growing from my head is fair game.

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Gwen said...

You are the FIRST PERSON I've heard sing the praises of the kitchener stitch and make it sound actually simple. Good for you!!!!