Monday, May 01, 2006

Blogger hates me

A quick synopsis of everything I tried typing before hand, all of which keeps disappearing into the void:
A last picture before taken before the stitch count doubles and it turns into the big rumpled looking mess. Any later photos taken before blocking will be simply for my own amusement. That is sure some nifty looking yarn.

I can not for anything remember who is was that recommended using tiny pieces of a drinking straw as stitch markers, but I would sure like to send that person a great big virtual hug. Genius idea! They are flat, too small to affect the spacing between stitches, and when they (frequently) slingshot off the end of my needle and into oblivion I don't feel sad.

The monkey continues to do well on his meds. We went to the Dr to check the drug levels in his blood and all looks good. He has two skinned elbows from feeling a little dizzy but I think they make him look tough.

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