Thursday, May 04, 2006


Tonight I got off my butt and instead of reading about how to knit socks I actually cast on and am knitting away. I seem to be rather chicken about proceeding without a pattern, something I found rather surprising considering the only thing I've ever used a pattern for is lace. Hats, sweaters, bags and booties; all knit without a pattern. But this is my first real sock and it seems I wanted a (very simple) security blanket. Well, tough luck. All the patterns out there are for fancy-smancy socks that seemed a little silly to use this self-striping yarn with, or were not patterns but advice about writing your own pattern. I think my calculus professors would have found it funny to know I now use my really expensive graphing calculator for gauge purposes.
Tonight I have knit two inches of 2x1 ribbing, which is so nice and stretchy I'll probably do it for the whole sock. I'm pretty happy with my speed so far, at this point a Mother's Day due date does not look like an impossibility. We'll see how I feel about that in a few days.

On non-knitting news, the monkey continues to be seizure-free. He is switching over to just one med tomorrow evening, something I am looking forward too. He has been hugely cranky several days now and I'm praying that it is because of the drug he is finishing tomorrow. Hopefully the other med on its own will be enough to prevent any further seizures.

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Katherine Of It All said...

Number one, nice use of the ostrich for size. Number two, the 2x2 ribbing is great all the way down the sock, especially for really colorful yarn. I don't like lacy stuff that's also wildly colorful. Number three, CONGRATS on the Monkey front. Hopefully he'll be back to Mr. Happy Monkey Pants soon.