Monday, May 01, 2006

Actual knitting news

Things have been going smoothly since last Thursday when we wound up at Primary Children's again. The monkey is on two different anti-seizure medications; drug #1 that he will probably be on for a year or so as well as drug #2, which he will only be on for a week until drug #1 reaches therapeutic levels in his blood. Drug #1 is expected to be pretty mild in side effects, much better than some of the older anti-seizure medications. Drug #2 is making him a little crabby, so it will be nice to finish that up Wednesday. I am starting to breath a little more normally and even will let the boy out of my site for two, even three seconds now. Yeah, way more relaxed.
I have got a lot done on my Shetland Tea Shawl in the last couple days. I had to rip down a dozen rows to my one stupid lifeline because some sneaky little hands pulled all the needles out and played with it, but it came back together easier than I thought and I'm zipping along now. Tonight I did the 5th increase round, bringing my stitch total to 290 per round. Now for no discernible reason I'm worried about running out of yarn. Not true, I do know why. I'm swatching up my knitpics yarn to do my Mother's day socks with and even using little size one needles I'm getting 7 1/2 stitches per inch, instead of the 8 stitches on size 1-3 needles the tag promised me. I didn't think I knit loosely until now. My STS swatch was...not exactly definitive, as I knit up a square in the fern pattern instead of a plain block. Hopefully I can soothe my concerns by reminding myself I did dye 140 yards more than the pattern called for. Has anyone knit this? How much yarn did you end up using?


margene said...

My heart goes out to you and that you had to go through this again. Sorry I can't help with the shawl.

Gwen said...

Poor little thing. and he is soooo cute. Glad to hear you're all doing better.

Boo & Izzy said...

Oh man, not more seizures! I'm sorry.