Monday, May 08, 2006

Turned Heel!

Hurray! Saturday I effectively turned the heel on the Momsock. The individual sock is looking great but I do need to hurry up; I need them done by Saturday afternoon. Pictures to follow, hopefully after I finish it tonight.
This weekend was very busy. Marc's Air Force commissioning was Saturday, and my brother's Army commissioning was Friday. I am so proud! The monkey and I got to get up and pin on Marc's lieutenant bars after he was sworn in, which was really cool. Sadly this does not make us employed or anything useful like that. Marc will not enter the AF full time until his Bar Exam results are in and he takes the Military Law class in October. But still! We are now that much closer. There is also a pretty good chance that Marc could be sent to Japan for 6 weeks after he takes the Bar in July; apparently the AF needs more people who speak Japanese and with all the classes we've taken plus our study abroad we are pretty good candidates. Then we would be entering active duty that much earlier; which would be good $-wise for us.
Disappointingly, the monkey had another seizure today. I wasn't (much) scared this time, just really sad that his meds didn't prevent this one. Since he got off the Dilantin he has been much less moody, and I am hoping he never needs to go on it again. I really want the Trileptal to take care of things all by itself. So the doctor upped his Trileptal dosage. Hopefully it is what is called a "breakthrough seizure" and his now adjusted meds will prevent any more. Still upsetting though.


bonnie said...

congratulations on the commissioning! Sounds like an important landmark...did you get your hair cut?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the little guy, and hey, a trip to Japan sounds pretty wonderful!

I keep watching out for you over at G* and then coming over here for news. (It's lucimama, btw, who's glad you're now accepting anonymous comments since I've already got wayyyy too many accounts floating around the internet!)