Friday, June 16, 2006


Thanks for the great comments about my Amazing Lace challenge post. My guitar is an older Fernandes Native, which I love. It has a sustainer, which has become more fun the longer I play. It really does look a lot like a Jag-stang, but has more of an evenly curved bottom so it doesn't quite have that retro cool. Real great warm tone, solid wood body without weighing a ton. Has the added bonus of being the only non-black instrument on the stage too-in case I don't stand out enough, as the only girl.
On to the crafty stuff, for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about. Tonight I pulled my Supermom costume out of the closet and made my kid some really cool Finding Nemo shorts. So easy, and when you're making size 3T clothes you need less than half a yard. The pattern is only two pieces also, so you don't even have to finish that many edges. Pictures of him actually wearing the shorts will have to wait for some time when he is awake (as opposed to now when he is supposed to be asleep but I can hear him jumping on the bed.)

Have a wonderful time everyone who is going to Estes! I'm jealous already!


Melannen said...

I knew I had seen that fabric somewhere! The little guy looked so cute in them (this morning at the farmer's market)! Fabulous job!!

Katherine Of It All said...

He likes Nemo?! I never would have guessed.