Friday, June 09, 2006

Nakedfotolady do not look!

A few months ago I started a spirituality swap project on Glitter. Lots of things have come up for both myself and my partner, so it took until early this week to mail it off. It will probably arrive at her house any day now, so I can finally post pictures hopefully without spoiling the surprise.

You're not looking, right NFL?

Embroidery with cool silver thread. The first not crappy embroidery I've really done.

The banner! Hung so attractively before shipping on a yardstick. I sincerely hope it is not as crooked as appears in the picture. Hard to see, but there are a small embroidered sun and moon in the top corners as a reminder to keep life balanced. The two pockets on the bottom are green, the color of Mother Earth, and blue, the color of Father Sky. The pockets are there to place goals and wishes, the appropriate side depending on whether the goal is physical or ephemeral. I spent a lot of time trying to think of different ways to embellish this banner, before I realized that personalization would best be left to the recipient. The medicine wheel and most of the surrounding space is blank, to leave lots of room to place items that are important or symbolic.

I'm still too chicken to proceed with my Shetland Tea Shawl as the pattern is written to my understanding. The patterns have so far been very intuitive, so I'll follow along the way that makes sense to me. And if that completely fucks it up, well, that is why I've placed no small number of lifelines.


Katherine Of It All said...

This is a beautiful medicine wheel. Its simplicity is part of its strength. It will surely bring blessings to its recipient. Now I'm going upstairs to bake bread.

green-eyed grrl said...

I totally thought there were going to be naked photos, and I was confused by why you'd put naked photos on your blog, and then tell everyone not to look--oh dear god, Laurie, go to bed.