Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Music, yarn, love and logic

I had a cool graphics assignment given to me yesterday: come up with a flyer for the show my band is playing in on Saturday. We (Lucky Dragon) are opening up for our friends General Confusion, and it should be a blast. Assuming you are into Punk/Blues.
In knitting news I am at the last pattern section in my Shetland Tea Shawl and am sooo stuck. The directions helpfully advise me to "move the marker one stitch to the right." Um, I can not for ANYTHING figure out why I should do this. The pattern balances out with increases and decreases, at least to my eyes. Grawr. The pattern corrections are here on page two (Diamond Madeira pattern), in case anyone feels like enlightening me.
This would probably be easier if the Monkey had taken a nap today. I get to be the mean momma tonight, as he was also sent to bed without (much) dinner. He's had a major food-throwing issue of late; not a desirable trait. So he was informed that food on the floor would result in dinner ending. Three bites of salad later and there is food all over. Calmly he was marched to bed, where he cried/sniveled for an hour. Being weak and concerned that he would be too hungry (I've been warned low blood sugar might bring about seizures on him) so he got to get up and eat a PBJ. He was mostly finished before the food throwing began, so back to bed for him. I am determined to be a real hard ass about it this time. We'll see how it works out tomorrow evening.


Katherine Of It All said...

Holy shit! You're in a band?! I love the bandname. I'll be there if I can--to do otherwise would be to unwisely tempt fate.

green-eyed grrl said...

Let me know next time! Todd's is my favorite dive bar (okay, maybe Burt's, but I like Todd's too) and I LOVE punk/blues. Katherine will go with me--no doubt!