Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Christmas 2003.  Notice the Harry Potter hat tucked into the corner :)
B is for blankie, so comfy and blue. Made for my little monkey while eagerly awaiting his arrival. He adores this blanket. Without a doubt, this is the most wonderful, soothing, important thing I have ever created with string.
January 2006. Catcat is up by his head.
The dirty little secret is that it is crocheted. Not knit.

Not that I have anything against crochet. I just don't really know how to do it, so it seems funny to me that such an important thing I've made would be crochet. My sister learned from a friend to do a double crochet stitch, and showed it to me. I'm pretty sure i did it incorrectly, but it worked out fine so I guess correct is subjective. December 2007

Monkey loves this blanket above all else. Except maybe his Catcat, or Buzz lightyear. They are pretty much tied for first.
January 2008
It is made of Cotton Ease in Popsical and Blueberry. Soft and durable.
His preferred method of enjoyment is having the blankie up against his neck and cheeks. This frequently means wrapping it around his neck like a scarf, or shawl. I find this especially adorable.

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