Friday, January 18, 2008

The A says Aaaaaaaa

Like everyone else, I have joined the ABC Along this year. Hopefully this will give me a good prompt and a deadline, which always helps me get things done. My A is a little different than most peoples. In our little family, A definitely stands for

Air Force
MC130I recognize that the military way of life is not for everyone. But for us, at this point in our lives, it is perfect. Lawyerboy finds Military Justice a very rewarding field. I love living on base-our neighborhood is wonderful. I know all my neighbors, which is amazing because in my Salt Lake apartment where I lived for 7 years I didn't know a single person on my floor beyond vague recognition in the elevator. We actually have neighborhood barbecues here. I have health care for the first time in years, and every time I pay the modest copay for Monkey's $200 bottle of meds I want to salute the flag. There are book clubs, play groups and craft classes available to us. When you enlist they say you are joining the Air Force Family, and they are right.

I also love some of the funny, military only signs we see here. We are not actually dodging bullets all day, but on the edge of the route we jog they are serious about going no further.I job right by this sign 4 times a week. Not past it though.

I am presented a lot of unique opportunities living here. AT4 Rocket Launcher

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Heather Joins The Round said...

Glad to know you're happily integrated!