Sunday, January 06, 2008

Still breathing

I'm still around, but won't be getting to a real post until I've caught up with myself. Visitors have gone home, and while it was lovely to have everyone around, I feel kind of shell shocked by the whole thing. Also, I have started 3 posts that were never finished in the intervening time. Maybe I'll finish those up after all my laundry.
I am getting closer on my Knit a Sweater in November Nocember Nocemuary Twist.
Goofy picture taken by Lovely Little Sister, who still hasn't sent me a picture of her in her stinking wedding veil so I haven't been able to show off my awesome wedding skillz yet. The weird bump is not a mutant third boob but the skein of yarn tucked under my left arm. Sorry, internet searchers of strange porn.


Alarming Female said...

awww--you look cute. Miss having you around. Put together a band or anything?

Heather Joins The Round said...

How glamourous you look! You picked a great color, too.

Katherine Of It All said...

Niiiice. You're gonna have some awesome searchy results.