Thursday, April 19, 2007


The garden is coming along beautifully here at chez artiste. All the tiny plants I bought are doing very well. The tomatoes are going crazy and have blossoms all over, as well as half a dozen smallish green tomatoes that seem like they are taking forever to ripen. Must be patient! The crookneck squash greets me every morning with beautiful golden male blossoms that are spent by the evening like morning glories. There are some small female blossoms developing, so there should be some tiny yellow squash soon, nature willing. The zucchini, which were so tiny when I bought them, are getting bushy and healthy looking. The bell pepper is getting tall and looks great, but I think it needs more heat before it will blossom. Still waiting for the eggplant to do something fabulous, but it will catch up. The cucumber is reaching desperately for the fence, and the cantaloupe is covered with little blossoms.

The seeds I planted are doing better than I expected too (I don't seem to have much luck with seeds). Monkey and I planted carrots and radishes last week, and the radishes have sprouted in a cute green little stripe that I've already had to thin. I highly recommend anyone plant radishes, they sprout in no time giving you the instant gratification that I rarely experience with seeds. Plus, when you thin them you can save the sprouts and throw them in a salad-super delicious! I had nearly given up hope on the carrots when they all seemed to spring up in a furry little row yesterday. We started a rotating crop of assorted lettuces Monday and will plant more once a week, so we will have constant fresh greens all summer.

All this growing and I really wish I had blocked off room for more. I've sent off for some purple carrot seeds, having looked everywhere for them. I'm reading about growing potatoes. Monkey and I started some peas and melon in little cups yesterday. Apparently, after 12 years of living in apartments, I am ready to be a farmer (at least in my head).

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Erin said...

Wow, you are quite the gardener. I am really jealous of your attention to it. I am going to try to have a decent garden but we will see.