Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The lovely and talented Eliza was kind enough to interview me last week; unfortunately I was unable to answer until now (by now I mean sometime tonight when I finally get everything together.) Last week Monkey started having a new kind of seizure, not quite the grand mal seizures he had last year but extended absence seizures. We ended up at Sacred Heart in Pensacola having a long term EEG-the first 30 minute EEG he had turned up NOTHING and his doctor was smart enough to realize that was not right. The Valium he received in the ER was suppressing them so the immediate EEG was useless. After 18 hours of having the leads glued to his head the doctor reviewed results and it turns out my sweet little monkey is having tiny seizures that exhibit no outward signs every few minutes.

This sounds like terrible news, but that EEG gave us more information to help him than anything else we've done.

He is now on some new medication that has prevented any noticeable absence seizures since Sunday, the longest he's been seizure free for months. The bruises from falling during seizures are starting to turn green. And we are set up for re-testing him concerning speech deficiencies and Autism in a few months; his really awesome doctor suggested that we see what his brain will do after a month or two of not interrupting itself every 10 minutes.

Despite how crappy all this sounds, the last several days have been the best we've had in a while. So later tonight I'll post my interview, along with some finished knitting (I had a lot of time in the hospital where a knit sock was the perfect thing to hold myself together with). Hurray!


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Wow, my heart goes out to you, Erin. I hope he gets seizure free soon!!!

Erin said...

So glad the medication seems to be working for him. I really hope it continues to be better. Poor little guy.

Heather Joins The Round said...

How very frightening! I'm so pleased the new medication is working so far.