Friday, October 24, 2008

Bed, version 1.2

The first major construction project since Lawyerguy left has been rebuilding Monkey's bed, since he is a destructive little demon. I really loved how it turned out initially, but between the jumping and the kicking he knocked the foot board loose. Not a problem! More screws, and I assumed all was well.

Assumed was the correct term because I must have had my head up my ass to think that furniture constructed with mere inch thick boards could survive my kid. The destruction continued and I needed to upgrade to 2x8s, 3 inch deck screws, and Gorilla glue. I also re-worked the mattress supports, as they had suffered too. There is no way to upgrade this bed in terms of strength now. If he destroys this, he is back to sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Next up is a bed frame for me, as soon as I stop being a chicken about committing to a design. Also, these cute little 9 patch blocks seem to be constructing themselves at my machine when I need just enough distraction to keep me from thinking.


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

I love how you made the bed high enough so that the toy bins fit under it!!

~SHERI said...

You rock my socks, art woman.

Heather Joins The Round said...


One thing you might try is some bracing at the middle on the bottom. We added two "feet" mounted on screws to brace the middle of our queen sized bed my husband built. They screw up and down to be adjustable for floor height. I mention this because until a friend suggested them, I'd never seen them before.