Friday, May 02, 2008

How much lumber can you fit inside a Ford Focus?

It turns out, a lot.

I try to do a big project every time Lawyerboy goes out of town on business. While I do miss him, a week here and there isn't that big a deal and it does free up some extra time for crafting. Monkey is thrilled if we have pancakes for dinner-we even had green eggs and ham turkey bacon earlier this week.

This weeks project was constructing a bed for Monkey; he has been sleeping on a mattress on his bedroom floor for...maybe a year now (we are so ghetto). I took apart his crib/toddler bed conversion last spring because he kept falling out of bed. For his birthday I gave myself a present and bought him a twin mattress, because it was terribly uncomfortable to snuggle on the tiny crib mattress. So this week I finally got together the courage to build him a bed, greatly inspired by this guy. Monkey helped drill holes. I got to use every single power tool I own. The whole thing was designed to house the blue bins under the bed for storage. It is sturdy, (hopefully) should move easy, and made me feel really tough to go buy all the lumber.Now let me get some sleep already!


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

You are so cool to make a bed!! I'm just boring and am finishing a bathroom. :)

Amy H. said...

awesome! you are very brave. i want to make a bookshelf, but am too scared of making something hideous to really try.