Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rocket Jammies!

Maybe he just seems huge because he's a toe walker.Not jammies for rockets, sadly. Flannel jammie pants, cut out a week ago but sewn together today because the guest room is back to being a sewing room. The decadence of having an entire room for such things still blows me away.

Yes, that is a voodoo doll pin cushion.When I cut these out I was shocked that 1 yard of fabric is just barely enough for a pair of pants for the little guy. They look huge in my hands, but don't seem too big on him. Same with his new school clothes.

It is still about 20 degrees too warm at night to wear these, so they will be tucked away for Monkey's birthday in a few months. Actual planning ahead, hurray!

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Heather Joins The Round said...

Cute jams, but it's a little sad when they get so big, isn't it? My little guy starts kindergarten in a little over a week, gasp!