Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quilt and other progress

I've spent the last hour since I put Monkey on the bus looking at the phone with distrust, fearing a phone call from his PreK teacher telling me to get my ass over there and pick up my kid already, how could I send him to school this way? The way I sent him to school was doped up on (non-drowsy) decongestant, because he got the first cold of the school year this weekend after a grand total of 5 days of school. He fell asleep yesterday in my bed after waking up long enough to take his seizure meds and get naked. And damn it we are not missing day after day of school this early in the year. I am burned out from all this togetherness all summer and I need my time. I am unable to keep up with the house when he is here this much. Want proof?
ouchHe cruised past the useless child lock on the sewing room door, climbed onto a table for my vorpal scissors, grabbed the quilt that has been hanging on the wall for a year which I had finally quilted the night before, and went snicker-snack.

I did not feed him to the wolves. I sat down next to him and looked really really sad, and told him why. And instead of not understanding, he looked sad too and quickly said "Sorry Momma," and gave me a hug. And suddenly the quilt didn't matter much, because that is the first time he's ever empathized with someone who was sad.
Slowly we make progress.


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Awww. You've got your priorities in the right order, Ma'am. My hat's off to you. :)

Heather Joins The Round said...

You're a hero.

Carman & Courtney said...

Hey Erin!! So cool you have a blog! aww, what a cute story...frustrating for you I'm sure with the quilt, but Case seems like he's growing up and changing so much already! Looking forward to keeping up with ya'll. You do the same!

Katherine Of It All said...

Wow! Way to handle it. I probably would have at least given the wolves a phone call, just to see if they were in the neighborhood.

And congrats on that moment of empathy you guys shared. What a hard won thing.