Monday, August 11, 2008

Garterlac to the rescue!

I was so glad to have a simple little project like this to pick up and throw in my bag last Thursday night. I had just settled down on the couch for some quiet Erin time, with the Monkey in bed and Lawyerguy at his Jujitsu class, when I hear the car pull into the carport. Lawyerguy walks inside to catch me watching Ghost Hunters (guilty pleasure) and eating Dove Promises (another guilty pleasure), and announces he has broken his clavicle in class.
So I tie his arm up with triangular and ace bandages, high five myself for taking an advanced first aid class years ago, get the Monkey out of bed and drive to the hospital. Things actually went quite quickly-the nice thing about going to a base hospital on a Thursday night. The ER doc complimented both my knitting and bandaging skills. Monkey curled up in my lap and listened to his headphones and I happily knit away during xrays. The good news is that he only separated his shoulder, and an orthopedics doc follow up today confirmed that no surgery is needed. He will in a sling nearly until he leaves for Germany though, the big dork.
Anyway, the Garterlac washcloth pattern gets my praises and adulation, for perfectly explaining how this works and removing completely my entrelac apprehension.

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Stitch-n-Snitch said...

I probably should make one of those, but I'm still scared of entrelac!