Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something with yarn, this time.

In case anyone was wondering, I do still knit.

Cute cotton baby blanket, doomed to sit unfinished for who knows how long. Its only crime: it is the wrong gender. My neighbors were adopting a baby, and were uncertain of the gender. I placed my money on girl, which he turned out not to be. So I gave the little guy one of the many baby hats from my stash, and the blanket lounges here until I know someone having a girl.
It really is beautiful-big wide stripes in deep pink, with a planned semi-lacy border of chocolate brown. Very contemporary. Sadly, there are no girls in the development stage in anyone I know, so it will just have to wait.

I also got an early start on my Summer of Socks, since it is already summer here. I cast on and nearly immediatly turned the heel on a little footsie sock out of leftover yarn from knitting my mom and sister socks. They are not microscopic, this is just an enormous fern. I haven't done any socks in quite a while, and kind of forgot how convenient they are to stuff in your bag for emergencies. It was the perfect distracting/security blanket for some emergency dental work earlier this week.

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