Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marble Magnets

These photos are all about 1/2 inch tall and are shockingly clear I am apparently the last person in the world to make those marble magnets. But if any of the, oh, two people who read this blog haven't made them yet, I recommend it heartily as a nifty project with amazing results. I cropped the photos and resized them to 3/4" in Photoshop, and had a dozen printed up on a single 4x6 print (as well as a couple others for all my other tiny photo needs, like finally putting pics of my boys in the locket I've had for over a year now). I used 5 minute epoxy to glue it all together, because it is what I had. The back of the marble will probably be wavy and not that optically great, but the glue clears that all up magically when you bond the photo and turns the marble into a great little lens. I topped it off with tiny rare earth magnets because they are awesome and my kitchen can be a windy place. Never have my grocery lists and school calenders hung with such style.


jillybean said...

Those are so neat! I can be the one who hasn't made these. Are the marbles just regular circle guys or those flatish ones that you use for Mancala? I'm in need of some projects to do while we are in Colorado cause I can only handle watching funniest home videos for so long :)

Heather Joins The Round said...

Well, that is cool. Do you buy the marbles? I've never seen that.