Saturday, August 04, 2007


Only 10 rows left on the center panel of the stag bag. I knit a little on the beach today, but only one row because the salt water makes your skin kind of adhesive. Not so conducive to letting the wool slide through your fingers (although pretty favorable for letting Oreos slide into your mouth). my boys

I was somehow able to amuse myself though.


Heather Joins The Round said...

Cute stag!

Erin said...

He is HUGE! Looking good!

bekah said...

To answer your question about mowing the whole yard -- I see a big difference between mowing a yard for a neighbor as a favor, and mowing part of the yard you deem as "your own"... they don't do it to be nice, they do it to make it look like the rest of THEIR yard. (Old, retired couple who has nothing better to do than mow their yard). It makes me mad because they'll open or shut our gate to our yard (we have a gate in our backyard, and if it's open IN OUR GRASS, they'll move the gate so that it's convenient for THEM). Anyway, it really gets on our nerves and it's not like we go two weeks without mowing - we mow weekly, too. Just not on the same day as they do. WhatEVER. (LOL Sorry to rant here)