Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lots of stuff!

Where have I been for the last...oh, several weeks? Ugh, lets just let that go. It has been issue after issue for us, and you know how I hate to bitch.
Ok, just one complaint and then I will let it all go, and move on to real content. Ever do something that you thought could totally improve your life in a small way and it just BIT YOU IN THE ASS? It turns out in about 1% of people taking Depakote, Zoloft lowers your seizure threshold.
But enough of that. It is over (hopefully).

On to real live craft content!
Finally, I take some pictures of the fantastic kitty quilt that Amy sent me, instead of just stealing the one she took. Adorable! The focus on my camera is broken, so there is a real art to taking pictures with it (if by art you mean walking closer and farther from the object in question, hoping to come up with a photo or two in the sweet spot.)

See this? Hand quilted. What an amazing woman.

Here is the quilt I sent to Julie. Most difficult to part with thing I have ever sent away for any swap. Luckily, I have lots of little strips all waiting for assembly left over-I made enough for two (or maybe even three) so the color patterns would really be random.

Due entirely to inspiration by another Erin I've started knitting the Stag Bag. Considering the volume of crap I carry around for the Monkey, and the need for instant gratification that ordering yarn just doesn't have, I picked up some worsted weight wool at ye olde local craft store with the intention of felting it when finished. This should also help cover any multitude of sins, which is especially good because I have never done any color work previously. I couldn't even tell you what kind of knitting I'm doing. It has two colors, and it looks like berber carpet on the back. The carries are amusingly long, because I couldn't figure out how to wrap the carried yarn. I just keep telling myself that the felting will fix everything. Notice anything amusing? My stag is marching to the beat of a different drummer, as I started the pattern on a purl row but still jumped into the pattern on the bottom right. Knitting lace has me programmed.Photographed by my scanner! Clever girl!


Kara said...

I love your stag bag colors! It is looking so great.

Alarming Female said...

that's beautiful! Well, the bag, I meant, but also the quilts. I love the bag colors, though, and I'm impressed--it's really lovely

Erin said...

Oh, a felted Stag cool! I can't wait to see it develop. Also, I can't believe you gave away that quilt. Amazing. Very selfless of you--I am not sure I could do it.

The Calico Cat said...

Glad you like it.