Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Today was the third and final day of much needed work on my teeth and I am so delighted to have it done. I keep running my tongue around my mouth and smiling; for problems that no one else could see I was terribly self-conscious of them. Plus if I bit wrong the pain left a lot to be desired. But I am all reconstructed and so happy now.
During procedures I kept my sock-in-progress on my lap. Not that I have the concentration to knit while having my mouth worked on, more of a security item. Thinking about what a Crafty job dentistry is helped me be less freaked-out too. Dentist drill? Just a teeny tiny Dremmel.
Now I just hope I'm never so broke again that I have to wait as long between checkups.


Heather Joins the Round said...

Me, I don't like the crafty bits of dentistry. That sonic cleaner thing is what gets me through. That thing is AWESOME! I went last week. Don't you hate it? I felt like I deserved a medal, or maybe a new handbag.

eliza said...

I always take my knitting to the dentist too - just to have something to hold.