Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mother of the Year

About time I get back to this blog thing.
There has not been a great deal of crafting going on around here. A pair of capris will be cut out tonight and the sock plods along slowly, but nothing really exciting in the diy category.

I have been enjoying myself though.
Disneyworld was a lot of fun but insanely hard. Monkey is not an easy kid and being at the Happiest Place on EarthTM didn't make things easier. There were still plenty of screaming fits that make you feel like mother of the year, plus the absence seizures that make me feel sick. But overall I'd call the trip a success.
My sister was in Orlando for a medical conference and the Monkey and I met her there. We started off with the tiny kid rides, but noticed in Pirates of the Caribbean that Monkey's favorite parts were the drops. Turns out that he is tall enough to go on the good stuff, like Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad (not Space Mountain, sadly. You have to be 45 inches for that). People really look at you like you are insane when you load your three year old onto a roller coaster, but they love it when it rolls back into the station with him laughing and clapping. The crazier the ride, the better if you ask him. He was downright bored on the Peter Pan ride. Splash Mountain prompted singing and clapping.

The only real regret about the trip is that despite carrying it in my backpack the entire time, the sock NEVER ONCE got pulled out.


Heather Joins the Round said...

Rock on!

I like to have my sock with me even if I can't pull it out. Like a wee security blanket for knitters.

bonne said...

glad you had the opportunity to do the disney thing. it is hard with the little ones, but you will look back on it fondly. heck - you'll probably be going all the time now that you live close by!

Yeah, when i titled it with "sphincter" in it, I thought of you. No was for you so I hope you got a laugh out of it.

Alarming Female said...

I wish I knew you were going to Disneyworld--I learned years ago that if your child has a "disability" (seizure disorder might qualify) and you bring a letter that proves it you and your group get a pass to go to the front of the line on any ride. We did it at Disneyland when our son was little and it made the trip so much more enjoyable than it might have been. Maybe keep that in mind for next time.