Sunday, March 18, 2007


The sewing world does not seem to be as online as the knitting community. Disappointing because I bought several patterns yesterday and there is not a single other person who seems to have used the pattern and written about it. And I would really like to see someone else's execution of what these capris are going to look like in real life, so as to get some pointers before I get started. If this was a knit pattern that hit bookshelves yesterday, today there would be 9 knitters out there with detailed stats about what yarn they used/needle size/gauge, what size they knit, pictures of the finished product on a real body, what alterations they made, their opinion of the pattern, and a picture of their cat looking adorable.

Technically there is a photo on the front, but this leggy model's body is no more comparable to mine than a framework made of popsicle sticks would be. She's also wearing 5 inch platform sandals, something I rarely slip on for a jaunt to the supermarket or playgroup.

I would be posting the before mentioned details on the pattern right now but I only got as far as prewashing the fabric and ironing before my sister broke my sewing machine. Oops. She was nice enough to go order the part before telling me. I hope I didn't come across as mad, because more than anything this really cracked me up-so much for our craftacular weekend.

The monkey, and therefore me, has been very busy this last week. First a general physical to meet his current doctor and get a neuro referral, then a screening visit to see if he is delayed enough for speech therapy. Slam dunk there, which meant a hearing test too (passed with flying colors). Next comes a long evaluation of how well he actually speaks. Then how well he listens and processes. Plus a visit with occupational therapy. Someday all this will be done and he will start speech therapy and once or twice a week I may get a chance to KNIT again!
Which would be awesome.
Because I haven't even turned the heel on this one yet.

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Heather Joins the Round said...

Woodworkers don't seem to blog either (my husband's new hobby). I can't understand how anyone could be successfully crafty without a blogosphere to fall back on!