Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shedir, again!

At Thanksgiving my brother was in town, and was blown away by the complete awesomeness of my Shedir hat. Plucking it from my head, he instructed me to "make mine about an inch longer, and a color that looks good with desert cammo"(he is in the army, and will probably be wearing desert cammo soon.) Done! Same pattern modifications as last time, with the exception of knitting 9 or 10 rows of plane ribbing before getting to the good part.

Hot dog Christmas time rocks. Big time motivation to get lots and lots of smaller projects done, ignoring large projects that you worked on all summer but still haven't finished. Ahem. Not that I don't have two of those.
Tomorrow starts candy week for me as well. If I do one different type of candy each day before I hop on a plane and begin several days of wandering the country I will have plenty of delicious snacks (and cavities) to put in everyone's basket.

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bonnie said...

That hat IS incredible. Your life sounds very exciting! I hope all is well with your monkey, too.