Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Motivate me!

I have so much to do right now that I am overwhelmed to the point of complete inactivity. Every new thing I remember I need to do makes me want to do everything less. When the Monkey decides he wants lunch I'll probably lapse into a coma.
Thursday at 0700 we fly to Utah.
Friday the movers come and pick up all our crap stuff. This in a way terrifies me, because they are supposed to inventory everything which means opening all my terribly packed boxes. They will see that I've packed my dishes with tshirts, that my Kitchenaid is wrapped in a feather duvet, and the last several boxes I packed are helpfully labeled as "Stuff" and "Things."
Saturday we fly to Florida (!) to finally see that guy I think I married or something. It has been a long time.
Who knows what happens after that. According to my planning-ahead-kind-of-a-guy, he informs me last night that there is no room in apartment-style billeting (short term housing). There is also no on-base housing available. Freaking awesome. At least our car will be there by then, as it was my job to have it shipped.
Perhaps some accountability will get some things done here though. Today I need to:
-get suitcases, which can not happen before mom gets home (no car) done!
-Michaels for candy bags (also must wait)
-divide up candy amongst recipients (five kinds! yum!) done!
-glue tops on Ukrainian eggs and divide them up
-pack in a preliminary fashion, or at least clean room done!
-bake bread done!
-get fabric and sew SIL a paint brush roll on my mom's crappy sewing machine (also needs a car) done without the work-I bought one!
-mail hats for Soaring Eagle Project
-order cat drinking fountain for my sister

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