Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Finally all the Thanksgiving guests are gone, for which I am thankful. I haven't been on the computer for days, due to its constant use by people who have important research papers due, or some crap like that. Silly students, use your laptops! Anyway, I finished a shawl just in time for this weekend. Not one of the knit ones. I did not compete (I don't have full regalia yet) but danced in many of the open social dances. Monkey sometimes accompanied me.


Anonymous said...

I love the shawl. Wish I could have been at the dance--woulda joined you. The photo with Monkey jumping is wonderful beyond words.

Heather Joins the Round said...

Fabulous! What kind of dancing is it? The shawl is wonderful, I love the way it floats.

stitchnsnitch said...

Wow! :)