Friday, November 03, 2006


Not mine of course. This morning I purchased some soft red and green yarn, to knit a strawberry baby hat for my expecting cousin-due at the end of the month. But I heard as soon as I got home that the baby was stressing, and they were inducing her. No way I'd take the chance of prolonging her labor, so the yarn sits expectantly by the phone, waiting for good news. It seems I'll have to work on some project already in progress, instead of adding another new one. The Adamas shawl is coming along swimmingly, and is getting quite large and therefore slow. I really seem to loose steam as obvious progress slows, and such is the nature of a triangular shawl. Must be vigilant!


Miriam said...

when the rows get crazy long, I start to reward myself with things... like if I finish these 2 rows, then I will work a couple rounds on this other project that I'm really excited about, stuff like that.

Heather Joins the Round said...

Wow, that looks awesome!