Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Another lazy lazy weekend here, due more than a little to the unbelievable heat outside. Last night at 1am it was 84 F outside, too ridiculously hot to sleep. Thank goodness for air conditioning; wo/man's greatest triumph over nature!
Continuing on my efforts to feed my little family, yesterday I made more jam. Just in case we decide to eat nothing but peanut butter sandwiches between now and whenever we move in August. Three big jars of Cherry-Nectarine, yum! They look a lot like the jars from Thursday's post, only red. I've come to the conclusion that I'll pack these carefully in the boxes that will not be opened until we are wherever the Air Force sends us, probably in December. That way we will have something delicious and homemade, wherever we end up.
Marc's last day at his job was Friday, blah. But to see it with a positive light, now he can spend the next week cramming for the Bar exam. As it is only the most important test he'll probably ever take, we are going to call this a good thing. I'm not really concerned about him passing, he is a very smart guy and great at taking tests. But there still is that abstract fear in the back of your mind any time something this big is coming up. Just one and a half weeks though, and the anticipation is over!


stitchnsnitch said...

Your jam sounds fantastic! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy thought going Marc's way!
~KSKS pal