Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sock yarn

Hurray! Today my Knitpicks yarn arrived, so I can start my first pair of socks. Ok, not the first pair, I have made a couple socks out of big chunky wool but those are really more slippers than socks. But I do (hopefully) have an idea of how the technique works. The blue striped are for mothers day and the raspberry for #1 sisters birthday.

Since everyone has been flashing their stash this month, this is it. The entirety of my stash, minus a dozen tiny balls of leftover project yarn. And that horrible free eyelash crap.

I yesterday I wound up the entire mile of lace yarn for the Shetland shawl and started knitting. I'm so glad to be working on a project right now. Whipping out a half dozen Warm Up America squares while helpful, is honestly not that compelling. It helps that the yarn dyed up beautifully after layer upon layer of coffee and other. It is just about the size where any later photos will be a big lacy mess, so one last photo until I've got a finished object. That should be in what, two, three years?

And one last photo because I'm a momma most of all:


green-eyed grrl said...

That's a beautiful lace WIP. Lovely color.

green-eyed grrl said...
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