Friday, April 07, 2006

Not sleeping

Once again I sit here at the computer, typing away instead of getting the sleep that I really need. It's not that I'm madly updating for my legions of fans, I just don't seem to sleep anymore. I'm tired, but that is just not good enough for me it seems. Last night I was up until at least 3am, and got up at 7. This really sucks.

Not much in the way of knitting/otherwise crafting happened today. I did spend a lot of time playing with the monkey though, hopefully making up for the boredom of another play indoors day. I also spent a lot of time cleaning silly little things that individually no one will ever notice (want to come look behind my fridge? Because it looks FANTASTIC) but I think they contribute to the global cleanliness of my apartment. You know the stuff: not just vacuuming but pulling out furniture and using the crevice tool to edge the place too, washing all your silverware and the rubbermaid thing you keep them in, shuffling around five thousand books so they line up in a more visually pleasing manner. All this (sort of) because my parents are coming in to town. (Hey, I keep my home very neat, but there is still that extra stuff you do before you have company.) They are supposed to arrive some time Saturday, a nebulous time period that prevents me from making any plans at all. I really get along with my parents but it is hard for me to have anyone over to my home. You want to know how frequently I have people over? The last time anyone besides Jeff (guitar player in my band) was over was the monkeys birthday. In October. And I had a panic attack before the party and ended up sitting in my closet for an hour, playing guitar. So now they are staying over for around a week and while I can't wait to see them and let them play with the monkey it is very hard for me to think about the routine change and a whole lot of crap being dragged into my small apartment (my folks never learned about traveling light and fast. If I can't personally carry it on a trip, I don't bring it.)

Oh, I lied! I did do something crafty today, to leave on a good note. I dyed my swatch the color I want my Shetland Tea Shawl to be-a warm chocolate-y brown with tiny hints of blue and purple. Once I finally get the yarn dyed than I can spend two or three days winding 1400 yards into a ball so I can get started ;) Thanks for sitting up with me tonight, I'm off to try sleep again. Have a wonderful Friday.

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bonnie said...

our power was out too, and the house was soooo cold. when my kids were tiny, we had a power outage that lasted 2 days and we moved everybody into the living room got the sleeping bags and comforters out and just sort of had fun pretending we were camping out. got absolutely nothing done of course but did keep warm.