Sunday, April 02, 2006

Easter and reminiscing

With Easter coming I've mostly doing Pysanky, not much knitting. Finished five really beautiful ones in the last few days, along with two more still in progress that I'm not as happy with design-wise. I'm very disappointed that the two shops who promised to carry my eggs this spring ended up closing before carrying them, but I've been doing really good work and that helps. Still, I either need to get a job or sell a dozen of these soon. If I get my act together in the next week and shoot some slides I will apply with the library to have them displayed there. That would be pretty cool; I really like seeing the different art they display. And it is possible to sell things there, you get to give the library a price list in case someone inquires.
Plus you get that cool "ah yes, I had an exhibit there" resume builder.

In my opinion, this is the coolest thing I've done this week. The design on this egg was taken from an Anasazi bowl found in Zion National Park. The 1100 year old bowl now resides in Zion's Human History Museum, where the monkey and I saw it last Autumn. Good story about that trip: Marc and his AF friends were climbing Angels Landing, a hike I didn't want to do with a two year old. So the monkey and I hiked around the park by ourselves and had a wonderful time. Around nap time cranky-ness was increasing quickly and he wouldn't just quietly take a nap under a tree, so we went and watched the movie at the Human History Museum where he fell asleep in my arms immediately. I sat through 4 1/2 showings of the 20 minute movie so he could sleep on my lap :)


bonnie said...

seriously beautiful...

Katherine Of It All said...

Those are freaking amazing.