Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cloud Bolero

We found a new favorite beach today, favorite possibly because it is nearly deserted. This friendly fellow was quite fine with parking himself right next to our umbrella for a while, possibly hoping we had brought some snacks (he was out of luck). It is quiet enough here that Monkey can run around and I don't worry about him disappearing, or helping himself to someones picnic. This allows for time to read or knit, but not much knitting because the salt water doesn't help yarn slide around fingers. Maybe I should knit English-style on the beach.

I am thiiiiiiissss close to finishing Cloud Bolero, but am suddenly not so sure about the bind off. The pattern calls for, and I performed, a picot bind off. It soundCreepy yellow bathroom mirror portrait, which photoshop was completely unable to fix the colors ofed cute, but now I am not so sure. It doesn't help that when asked for his opinion, Lawyerguy unequivocally said he didn't like it. The picture of tact, he is. Opinions? Looking at it now it doesn't look so bad.

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Jill said...

k, so first i looked up picot bind off online to get a closer look and i like it! It may be a little too much if you were going to wear it with all of those flowery poofy dresses that you love so much :) but i think the detail is nice. Though, if you don't love it, i'd take it out - because you'll wear it more if you aren't concerned about how it looks.
I do love the color though, and think it's awesome that the sleeves are full-fledged, rather than being a short-no-help-at-all-cap-sleeve-of-an-excuse. :)